Flight Check Question

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Perhaps you looked at the Flight Check for your opportunity and said to yourself, “This isn’t right. Based upon what I have accomplished I should be stronger in certain areas.”

Before you determine whether or not this Flight Check assessment is accurate or not, consider the following:

First… PrivateSalesCoach provides a framework which might be considered the ‘ideal’.

We all know that every sale has a myriad of complexities – even when we have won, we rarely execute to perfection or the ideal.

Yet we know that the closer we approach the ‘ideal’ the greater our odds.

So the Flight Check gives us a picture of where we can improve our odds of success.

Secondly… We tend to focus on what has been accomplished with an opportunity and not what needs to be accomplished. One superbly skilled sales professional, popped an opportunity into PrivateSalesCoach which he was fairly certain was about to close. When he saw the flight check and the areas he was Vulnerable he was initially annoyed.

When he review the advice, he shared this conclusion with us.

“You know I thought I had done everything I could on this opportunity. But when I looked at the Flight Check and the advice, I realized there were many other things I could do to increase my odds of winning this and winning it sooner.”

Lastly, consider the competitive advantage of comparing where you are to the ‘ideal’. While you take steps to significantly improve your odds, your competitor is very likely sitting on their hands self-satisfied with minimalist actions in terms of Fit, People, Urgency, Winning Criteria, & Banners.

The Flight Check shows you were  and how you can make yourself stronger in each of these areas and improve your odds of a win and a faster close.