Change of Scope Card

The Change of Scope Card is device to help a member of the targeted prospect group ‘save face’ when they change their position from supporting another approach to supporting our approach.

This can be particularly important when this is the second time a selection is being made because the first selection did not meet the needs of targeted prospect group.

Many times in these second chance opportunities there is a key person on the current selection team that was partly responsible for the first selection that is being replaced.

The Change of Scope Card works by acknowledging the wisdom of the first decision given the scope of that earlier project but pointing out that the scope the current project is different so it merits a different decision.

This is how we might execute the change of scope card:

“When we were first discussing this project we were focused on A & B. I understand why you would have reservations about our fit for that. Now we are talking about A,B,C,&D – so it makes perfect sense that you might view our fit in a different light.”

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