The impact is what happens when the solution is in use.

It occurs after the ‘Go-Live’.

The impact can be felt in multiple dimensions;


  • Financial Impact of making more money
  • Financial Impact of saving money
  • Productivity impact – improving the ease and enjoyment or time it takes to do the work.
  • Image Impact of appearing differently to the outside world – more customer-centric, easier to do business with as an organization, more ‘cutting edge’, more elegant, more streamlined.


  • Personal Satisfaction of helping others – helping the organization – helping customers.
  • Greater Visibility – standing out in the crowd of many other employees.
  • Power Aggregation – increasing or solidifying one’s personal power base within the organization.
  • Job Security – creating a situation where it becomes far more difficult to be replaced in the organization.

Advancement – executing a high impact initiative which gets an employee promoted.

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